Biography – Camelia Mirescu

The passion for the world of symbols that live in each of us is the narrative thread of my existence imaginative and creative, condensed into a reflexive exploration then voiced with painting, the photograph, video art, experimental cinema and a love for the written thoughts. A valuable set of tools that I have devoted, Inter alia, given the strength to emerge from objective difficulties constellations, to synthesize in a sensitive expression all the unconscious influences and consciousness, to shape the desire to create, opening the unknown and the Infinite Spirit. Ultimately of living for the Enigma of Art, beyond time and space of a transient life.


Collective exhibitions (selection):

OUTSIDE/INSIDE/OUT – ARTE A REGINA COELI – I EDIZIONE - promoted and shared by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth - Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage - MACRO and the Directorate Prison Regina Coeli, by organizing volunteers VO.RE.CO Regina Coeli and Shakespeare and Company2, by Claudio Crescentini - Prison Regina Coeli, 1 February 2017 – MURI SOCCHIUSI, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Roma (Italy) 21 October 2016 – 26 March 2017


PHOTOGRAPHY International Rome Film Festival – ROMA, THE WORLD – XV EDITION, curated by Marco Delogu – MURI SOCCHIUSI, by Claudio Crescentini – MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Roma (Italy) 21 October 20168 January 2017


good – International Independent Film Festival Mar del Plata – TRAIN OF SHADOWS, edited by Jorge Cappelloni, Mar del Plata – Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2016

ELSEWHERE SIGN AND IDENTITY – Exhibition organized as part of the Flaiano International Awards 2016, by Claudio Crescentini, Mediamuseum, Pescara (Italy) 2016


LOOKS SUSPENDED – Experimental language, a cura di FelliniA Earth Film Web, MAR Contemporary Art Museum Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata – Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2016

GREEN EARTH Olympia Fine Arts International Exhibition and Symposium, Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati (India) 2016


EGOSUPEREGOALTEREGO – Face and Body Art Contemporary, by Claudio Crescentini, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Roma (Italy) 2016


CONJUNCTIONS – International Festival multimedia and performative poetry, writing, photography and video art, Municipal Library and Cinema Sharpshooters, Spinea – Venezia (Italy) 2015


SATOR magiaQuadra, Spiritux carpenter Earth Ring Answer – Concetto di Camelia Mirescu, by Claudio Crescentini, Palazzo Gentili – Anselmi room, Viterbo 2014


THE VALENCIAN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS “OPEN OLD CITY” 2013 – Travelling Art Old City, Valencia (Spain) 2013


STEMPERANDO – INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF ART WORKS ON PAPER, by Giovanna Barbero, National Central Library, Roma (Italy) 2013; National library, Cosenza (Italy)2012; National University Library, Torino (Italy) 2012


CREATIVE CITIES COLLECTION – OLYMPIC FINE ARTS EXHIBITION, Exhibition organized within the opening of the London Olympics 2012, Barbican Centre, London (Great Britain) 2012


WOMAN MODEL NOBLE ART, by Rosella Cipollone, Museum of Palazzo Altieri, Oriolo Romano – VT (Italy) 2011


DIALOGARTE, Palazzo degli Alessandri, Viterbo (Italy) 2008


EURO CALLATIS, Salon Romanian Artists Abroad, Mangalia (Romania) 2007


UNITED FOR THE ARTS, Villa Doria Pamphili, Roma (Italy) 2005


Solo exhibitions (selection):

transmigration EMOTIVE by Claudio Crescentini, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Palazzo Correr (Campo Santa Fosca), Venezia (Italy) 2016

Leafing SOUL by Francesca Ruth Brandes, Accademia di Romania in Rome, Roma (Italy) 2009


SLIDES OF GESTURE by Francesca Ruth Brandes, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Palazzo Correr (Campo Santa Fosca), Venezia (Italy) 2005


INTIMATE COLORS edited by Arianna Antoniutti,

Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris (France) 2004


FORMS OF MOMENTS curated by Marco Tonelli, Palazzo Valentini, Roma (Italy) 2003


publications – Narrative di Poesia e Camelia Mirescu :

IMAGINARY – Poetry and visual arts, edited by Duccio Trombadori, Museum of Modern Art "Victory Column", Pescara (Italy), 2016


I CHOOSE Revived Editions Milan Necklace "Rose of the Winds", 2014 a choral volume, written by Italian and Romanian authors, on violence against women. There are six authors: Cristiana Brewers, Daniela Frascati, Paola Budassi, Luiza Diculescu, Daniela Radu's Camelia Mirescu, the cure di Irina Turcan. One is the male voice, to Dario Fertilio, journalist of "Corriere della Sera". The stories appear in the anthology have not only the aim to discuss such a sensitive subject such as violence against women, but they want to offer solutions. Indeed, the protagonists react, so effective, practical. choose. International Book Fair of Turin (Italy), 812 May 2014


HOMECOMING , THE WAY BACK HOME Ciesse Editions Necklace "Synergies", 2013 Bilingual anthology of short stories. There are four authors: Luisa Diculescu, Ruxandra Elena Dragoescu, Serban's Irina Camelia Mirescu, the cure di Irina Turcan. four stories, four stories, four return; It seems to be the essence born from the idea of ​​the return in the authors, and yet, Despite these apparent distances, The last engine that drives all the players to return is love, in its various forms and shades. Padova (Italy), 2013


MOMENT – Romanian cultural timeliness store founding Director: Dinu Săraru Publishers: National Foundation "peasants" and the Metropolitan Library "Sadoveanu" Bucharest (Romania) Piazza Mincio, a bride dressed copped Author: Camelia Mirescu • Box: Confluente cultural • May 2010; Iarnavara ... (A summer to winter ...) Author: Camelia Mirescu • Box: Confluent • Mar 2010; There must seem, we are Author: Camelia Mirescu • Box: Confluenţe • Dec 2009; Telling among butterflies Author: Camelia Mirescu • Box: Artistic laboratory • November 2009; Greek Cafe Roma. D. 1760 Author: Camelia Mirescu • Box: Permanent • Nov 2009



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