«Camelia Mirescu’s moving images constitute a contemplative cinema of reverie and affect. In the most expansive sense of the term, Mirescu’s works are ‘fugitive visions’: lyrical, nomadic, ephemeral.  Imbued with a seductive, almost hypnotic alterity, her moving images are, in their very immanence, quintessentially cinematic.»

Jay McRoy
Professor, English and Cinema Studies
University of Wisconsin – Parkside

EMOTIVE TRANSMIGRATIONS, Experimental film retrospective by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Marina Vesic

“The epitome of Camelia Mirescu’s inspiring body of work, Emotive Transmigrations speaks or rather, softly whispers directly to one’s soul, as its very title may suggest. Dubbed ‘experimental film retrospective’ by the auteur herself, it gives an entirely new meaning to the ‘recycling’ of previously used footage, providing the viewer with the highly contemplative and difficult-to-describe experience. Think falling through the liquid embodiment of silence, or bathing in the crystalline sea of immaculate dreams…

It eschews plot and traditional narrative in favor of mood, lyricism and the elusiveness of feeling, and it does so magnificently. Replete with phantasmal and/or phantasmagoric superimpositions that turn everything from landscapes to human portraits into abstract sensations, this transcendental ciné-reverie is lensed in gorgeous, high-contrast black and white, and musically veiled with a delicate, somewhat melancholic piano piece, What If, composed by Marina Vesić (aka Black Marine). In other words, both aurally and visually it manages to conjure some peculiar magic, and leaves you wanting more…

Emotive Transmigrations can be viewed on Mirescu’s official Vimeo channel.”
Nikola Gocić 
Aug 21,2019

LEAVE LIGHT FALLEN – letter for my father by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Blow Dart

TACTUS MEMORIAE by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Cooper Raines

øjeRum’s waves diary – choral visual narration in poetry, vocal, music, collage art and moving images

GRETA’S HIDING PLACES by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Julia Gjertsen, Collage art by Nikola Gocić

WINGS FROM SOMEWHERE by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Hans-Michael Albers

FRAGMENTA, Fear is an island where you lose tomorrow – Choral narrating – Poetry, Music and Immage

TOUCH WATER RITUALS by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Mathieu Bec

PORTRAITS OF NEREIDS – Choral narrating in Music, Ballet and Image

PROMISED CLOUDS by Camelia Mirescu, Music by øjeRum

DISTANT ILLUSION by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Sonologyst

ILLIUS MARTHAE by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Mario Lino Stancati

ODYSSEY SOLSTICE – choral visual narration in music, ceramic workshops Odyssey Solstice at Regina Coeli Prison and moving images

Oneiric Clouds by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Part Timer

IN CORPORE FULGET by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Claudio Ferrari

NACRE FIELDS by Camelia Mirescu, Music by Diego Masarotti (DYB)